How did you come up with the name Twinkle Co?
In 1983 when company founder and Chairman Willard Salemink was looking for a name for his new company he had three requirements:

  1. The name must be positive.
  2. The name must be easy to remember.
  3. The name must be unique and not include dredging, pumping or supplying.

Willard developed the name criteria during his early years in the dredging industry when he observed an industry littered with company names that did not meet the 3 requirements. Willard set out to form a dredge building company with a philosophy and products that were different than other dredge builders, and thus a different name was required.

Most of your dredges have cylindrical pontoons. Why?
We use cylindrical pontoons for several reasons, all of them having to do with the cylinder being the most efficient shape for flotation.

  1. Less expensive to fabricate.
  2. The round shape is inherently strong, which requires less steel per cubic foot of displacement. The volume of cylindrical flotation increases in proportion to the square of the radius. The surface area increases in direct proportion with the radius.
  3. Less welding = fewer chances for cracks and leaks.
  4. Our pontoons have several full welded water tight bulkheads that are full welded to the skin. These full welded bulkheads prevent cascading flotation failure that leads to dredges sinking.

What is new for 2009?
Continued research and development on new products. The highlights are:

  • Software updates for the CONVAC S4 Suction Side Stability System with Linear Needle Valve.
  • The LADDERVAC II ladderpump inlet pressure sensor.
  • The PUMA (Powerful Underwater Mining Apparatus) linear cutter.
  • The CLAYMATOR Universal Cutter Basket.
  • The MARAUDER self-propelled dredge.
  • Updated and improved mechanical actuator for our BIPCON and VEECON control systems.

What is new for 2008?
We are marking our 25th year by improving existing products and developing new ideas. Some of the projects are listed below.

  • Production of the new SUPER MOAB block.
  • Expanding the E-Series dredge line for the export market.
  • Developing a new concept for linear cutters.
  • Improving the wear life for the nose section on ablative chain linear cutters.
  • Developing the PROWLER series traversing ladder dredge.
  • Production of the FROGFISH service water pump.

What is new for 2007?
Many things, as we start our 24th year we have been hard at work improving existing products and developing new ones. The highlights are:

  • The all new CONVAC S4 Suction Side Stability System with Linear Needle Valve.
  • The E-Series dredge that is designed to fit into shipping containers for the export market.
  • The MSB twin track linear cutter.
  • Updated and improved ablative chain linear cutters.
  • The new single sensor LADDERVAC “vacuum” gauge system for ladderpump dredges.
  • Updated and improved BIPCON and VEECON control systems.